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Pixies - Doolittle album download

Pixies - Doolittle album download

Alternative Pop/Rock,Alternative/Indie Rock,College Rock,Noise Pop
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Downtown Recorders, Boston, MA
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Doolittle is the second studio album by American alternative rock band Pixies, released in April 1989 on 4AD. The album's offbeat and dark subject material, featuring references to surrealism, Biblical violence, torture and death, contrasts with the clean production sound achieved by the newly hired producer Gil Norton. Doolittle was the Pixies' first international release, with Elektra Records as the album's distributor in the United States and PolyGram in Canada.

Doolittle is the sophomore effort from the Boston-based Punk band The Pixies. The album was very influential among the Alternative Rock scene in the ‘90s, most notably influencing bands like Nirvana and the The Smashing Pumpkins. The sudden loud to soft dynamic shift present on songs such as Tame became a staple of the '90s Alternative sound. The album masterfully mixes Noise Rock and Punk tendencies with catchy Pop tunes, to create a unique, surreal experience. Since the release of the record, it has been acclaimed by many critics and has been included on many Best.

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Features to original album, B-sides, both Peel Sessions & demos. Disc: New, Sealed Pixies - Doolittle LP 180gm Vinyl New & Sealed Record Album. Pixies Doolittle LP sealed vinyl RE reissue. SIDE TWO (Doolittle Peel Sessions).

Doolittle is the second studio album from the American alternative rock band Pixies, released in April 1989 on 4AD. The album's offbeat and dark subject material, featuring references to surrealism, Biblical violence, torture and death, contrasts with the clean production sound achieved by the then newly hired producer Gil Norton. Along with Surfer Rosa, Doolittle is considered the band's strongest work. Однако ты также можешь выбрать другой язык. A new version of Last. Overview (current section).

Producer Gil Norton's sonic sheen adds some polish, but Black Francis' tighter songwriting focuses the group's attack. Doolittle's most ferocious moments, like "Dead," a visceral retelling of David and Bathsheba's affair - are more stylized than the group's past outbursts. Meanwhile, their poppy side surfaces on the irresistible single "Here Comes Your Man" and the sweetly surreal love song "La La Love Yo.

Doolittle is the Pixies second album, and it is as interesting, if not more so, than their debut. Its melodies are clearer, but the craziness is still there. One) Debaser: The first track of the album starts with Kim Deal's insanely catchy bass playing and then the noisy yet catchy guitar line comes in with drums and Francis Black sings in an odd, atonal way that seems to me a huge influence on Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse). This song is incredibly catchy and the guitars are amazing.

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Debaser Black Francis Pixies 2:53
2 Tame Black Francis Pixies 1:55
3 Wave of Mutilation Black Francis Pixies 2:04
4 I Bleed Black Francis Pixies 2:34
5 Here Comes Your Man Black Francis Pixies 3:21
6 Dead Black Francis Pixies 2:21
7 Monkey Gone to Heaven Black Francis Pixies 2:57
8 Mr. Grieves Black Francis Pixies 2:05
9 Crackity Jones Black Francis Pixies 1:24
10 La La Love You Black Francis Pixies 2:43
11 No. 13 Baby Black Francis Pixies 3:51
12 There Goes My Gun Black Francis Pixies 1:49
13 Hey Black Francis Pixies 3:31
14 Silver Kim Deal / Black Francis Pixies 2:25
15 Gouge Away Black Francis Pixies 2:45
  • I think Doolittle has a better reputation than its predecessor because it is more fun and light hearted. I mean this album is actually cool and hip sounding, where as Surfer Rosa almost jumped out and shook you around. Doolittle is a great follow up to Surfer Rosa because it expands the band’s sound without really changing the formula. It's the same kind of album, done over with more flair and pizazz! That might not make it better, but it sure makes it more accessible, and to follow an abrasive debut like Pixies had, Doolittle succeeds and then some. Some of the fury is still in the band's heart on songs like "Tame", "Dead", and "Crackity Jones". Mostly though, a kind of sophistication shines through on "Monkey Gone to Heaven", "Here Comes Your Man", and "Hey" that cements the band's importance in rock history. These songs tell great stories, but they also have a kind of loveable, powerful sense of humor that is so present and confident that no one can deny its power. Doolittle has great structure to it as well, the songs vary so all members of the band have showcases like Lovering's singing on "La La Love You" or Deal's off kilter background vocals on almost every track. It should be said that Deal and Francis are one of the best vocal teams in rock music, a fact often over looked. "I Bleed" is a key song on the album; a harrowing journey simply because of the childlike recitation. So, in conclusion, is this the band's best album? Well, its all opinion. The record is more accessible to most tastes but personally, I purchased Surfer Rosa first, so I may be more inclined to think it’s the best. Then again, they are both in my favorite albums ever list and are both really awesome and fun to listen too, as well as very consistent. Whether or not Doolittle is the best Pixies record is debatable, but one thing is for sure- It breathes beauty and humor into back into music upon each listen, and is one of rock's most monumental achievements.

  • Starting with the proud, jackhammer hooks of "Debaser" onward, the Pixies bolt right out of the gates with this them that combines several 'incompatible' but now legendary and constantly copied characteristics- noise-drenched guitar attacks, dynamics that constantly switch from blistering noise-rock to sweet pop, terrifying lyrics (the title of "Gouge Away" says it all), and a knack for making their own versions of different styles of songs (the folky "Hey"). Though the band had some conflicts with producer Gil Norton's glistening take on quirky alternative rock, there's no denying that the Pixies had made their peak with this album. By polishing over some of the noise that Surfer Rosa had and providing a few quirky/sweet pop songs such as the surprisingly bubblegummy "Here Comes Your Man" and the neo-psychedelic "La La Love Song," the Pixies helped create a type of rock and roll that was perfect for outcasts- since and sweet, yet quirky and abrasive. Lyrically, they move forward in an exciting way that touches on a sense of seriousness. Case in point, their attempt at an eco-concerned song ("Monkey Gone To Heaven") comes off as a very convincing soundtrack song in a PG-rated Halloween movie. Kurt Cobain has said that he either should have been in the band or a Pixies covers band. When hearing perfectly weird-while-hooky songs such as the fast freakbeat "Crackity Jones," a song about an ex-roommate, it's not hard to understand why.

  • Doolittle is the perfect album. Released in 1989 it is the best album released in the decade and one of the best albums ever recorded. Different parts of Doolittle are raw, abrasive, weird, humorous, even religious. While all members of the Pixies are strong musicians, it is the songwriting of Black Francis that makes this album a classic. From Kim Deal’s opening bass line in Debaser to her opening bass line in Gouge Away, all 15 tracks are rock classics. With Black Francis’s caterwaul coalescing with Kim Deal’s angelic backing vocals wrapped around non-sequitur lyrics, this album delivers songs that range from rage to vanilla icing giving you a sugar high. The grunts, the heavy breathing, the whistling will haunt your brain. And the hooks. The Beatles and Beach Boys get on their knees. Here Comes Your Man, Wave of Mutilation, Monkey’s Gone to Heaven, There Goes My Gun, Mr. Grieves. Doolittle also has blistering tracks featuring guitarist Joey Castillo’s explosive playing on Debaser, Crackity Jones, and Tame. This album is so amazing the drummer, David Lovering even sings La La Love You that whispers sweet nothings in your earbuds ala Pixies style. Without Doolittle is there a Nirvana? A Radiohead? Would the modern rock explosion that followed a few years later have happened without this album? Doolittle even inspired the veterans like U2 and David Bowie. Bowie’s band Tin Machine covered Debaser shortly after Doolittle was released. Influential enough? I’ve heard this album maybe 500 times over almost 30 years and I still bask in the pure succulence. If man is 5, and the devil is 6, then god is 7 and I’ve gone to heaven. Hidden track: Crackity Jones

  • One of those rare, perfect albums. Whole thing is incredible front to back. This will always have a place on my list of favorite albums of all time.

  • Doolittle is a masterful follow up to Surfer Rosa and demonstrated that the Pixies had more than one album of brilliance in them. While the tracks Tame and Dead are scalding reminders of the Surfer Rosa days, Doolittle as a whole is a much more polished effort. The rawness that made Surfer Rosa such a visceral album is mostly smoothed over on Doolittle. It's a different sound for sure, and yet Doolittle is not diminished by this approach since the songwriting is just as brilliant. Of the 15 tracks here many have become Pixies classics and there's really only one dud, which places this album far above almost anything else and only slightly below Surfer Rosa in the Pixies discography.

  • The celebration that is "Debaser", the cleverness of "Mr. Grieves" and "Monkey Gone to Heaven", the beauty of "Number 13 Baby". The greatest.

  • Segundo LP de los pixies y el mejor en su carrera. Frank Balck y compañía logran plasmar acá un estilo único, que va desde canciones melódicas de pop-rock, hasta canciones viscerales de rock. "Debaser", gran inicio, canción melódica cuya principal característica es la base del bajo, los gritos de Black y los coros de Deal. "Tame", obra minimalista de voz desgarradora que hace pensar lo influyente que fue pixies para bandas como Nirvana y Pearl Jam (en temas como "territorial pissing" y "blood"). Tema nada de comercial, formado por tres notas y alaridos viscerales, estética que se contrapone al formato de canción, sin un puente que una las partes. "Wave of mutilation", un surf rock de letras lúgubres; "I bleed", tema de guitarras ácidas, melodías vocales y cantos disonantes. "Here comes your man", un acierto de canción pop rock, con influencias de velvet underground y quizás los Beatles. "Dead", en donde destaca la guitarra minimalista de Santiago y un estribillo opuestamente melodico; "monkey s gone to heaven" una obra maestra por donde se le mire, en donde pixies repite la estampa loud-quiet-Loud heredada años después a Nirvana. "Mr Grieves" un tema que mezcla el reggae con el punk. "Crackity Jones", de influencia punk en donde destacan los alaridos de Black, "La la love you", tema misterioso con influencias de morrisey, "number 13", una composición ácida de estribillo melodico, "there goes my gun", tema pop-rock en donde destaca el minimalismo en las letras, "hey", hermosa y atípica balada de guitarras desgarradoras y voces dinámicas. "Silver", ñcanción al más puro estilo western, para finalizar con la gran "gouge away", un rock sonico de alaridos guturales. En suma:Puntos altos: monkey s gone to heaven, Wave of Mutilation, Debaser, hey, tame, here comes your man, number 13 baby, gouge away y I bleed.Puntos medios: Dead, mr. Grieves, crackity Jones, there goes my gun, Puntos bajos: no tieneEn suma, otro disco imprescindible en la historia del rock alternativo.

  • A raucous, noisy, strange amalgamation of garage rock, punk, and art rock into something original and highly influential for its time. Doolittle veers from weirdo freak-outs to poppy hooks on a dime, which can be fascinating for some listeners, challenging for others. Regardless, it is not difficult to hear how this record had a tremendous impact on the development of alternative and idie rock over the ensuing two decades.

  • Doolittle is an exceptional album. Is it their best? That's difficult to say. But as a collection of unique, catchy and unorthodox rock songs it's flawless.

  • Music 9/10Lyrics 8/10Artistic production 9/10Recording production 8/10